Australian or New Zealand? The origins of a Pavlova is often up for debate and as a born and breed kiwi I would have to side with New Zealand. My love affair with the Pavlova started at a young age when I decided to make one. To give myself the extra challenge I used my hand to beat the egg whites, 30 mins of whisking and my first Pavlova was made. It might have been a bit of an effort to hand whisk, but I always feel that they taste better if you take the time to do this. Trust me.

WARNING: you will likely get a bad case of forearm cramp while making this.

*Also apologies for the multiple references to beating and wrist action.

The recipe for a Pavlova is pretty standard, a quick google search will give you a recipe, I used this one.

Pavlova is just a base and making this into something great is all about the topping. You can't go past a big layer of cream and chantilly cream is always a good choice. It's pretty much just fancy cream whipped with icing sugar and vanilla.

A classic topping is to top the cream with fruit. In New Zealand it is passionfruit season, they are such an amazing fruit. To dress the plate I made a passionfruit sauce with a hint of mint, you can find the recipe here.