Making fresh pasta is a great activity! Until now, I had never made pasta. I knew how to make it, but had never had a pasta roller. My girlfriend had made pasta several times, so we picked up her roller last time we were at her parents'. So now, armed with the tools and some local knowledge, I set to making pasta. 

Recipes seem pretty standard. A quick Google will get you one of many recipes that seem quite similar. I had heard debates about whole eggs or egg yolks, so I let my copy of the Silver Spoon have the final say. The cover states the lofty title as the bible of Italian cuisine - so I figured it knew the deal. The recipe called for a mix of whole eggs and yolk. I had some free range organic eggs which gave the pasta a really rich yellow colour. 

The making was pretty straight forward, mix and then another chance for me to enter my zen like kneading state. Rest then roll. It was really satisfying putting it through the pasta roller!

Once nice and thin, I cut the pasta into circles - probably easiest with a cookie cutter, but we used a tin can and a knife. Add a small spoon of your filling, fold over into a half circle sealing the edge together with egg. Take the two ends and a little more egg and bring them together with a little twist and boom! Tortellini. 

For the filling mixture we used chestnut puree, ricotta, salt, pepper, parmesan and an egg.
For the sauce, burnt butter and sage. Delicious.