Peri Peri Chicken

I haven't been posting much lately as I've been planning my wedding however, I plan to be putting up new posts each week from here on out. Speaking of hot and spicy chicks ,  I took my hand to Peri Peri Chicken over the summer time. We have all probably tried a little Nandos but I wanted to bring that "chicken with a bang" home without the brown paper bag.

I'd never really made Peri Peri before or had a recipe but from my experience eating Peri Peri the basics  flavours I pick up are spice , smoke and zest.

For the spice and smoke , I BBQ off some chillis, a tomato, and a capsicum until the skin is blackened. I then plunge them straight into a bowl of ice and water. This makes it easy to remove the skin and the BBQing will brings out sweetness from the veges. 


For zest flavour I added lemon and lime peel and juice. To complete the sauce I added olive oil , some garlic , salt , pepper and paprika - for a little extra smokey hit. Adjust seasoning to taste . Peri Peri should pack a kick but most people won't want it to blow their head off. 

Now this gives you a Peri Peri sauce which, could be used for most meats. To make Peri Peri Chicken , take chicken and cut into stripes and then marinate in the Peri Peri sauce. You should do this for at least 1-2 hours. 

Chicken in the mix.

Grill or BBQ the meat to make a delicious meal. Speaking of BBQs  I've mentioned before the zen like state kneading bread can bring me, well being one with my BBQ is a state of pure nirvana. 

To make this into a great meal make some side salads, drizzle a little yoghurt over your chicken. Boom summer time there you have it!