Peach and Panna Cotta Pie

With  #ollycooking's Facebook page reaching the 100 fan mark, I've decided that in a shameless way to promote myself it's time for sweet treats. I figure giving people a lustful dessert to admire should help push the numbers up to 500. 

The inspiration for this treat came about from a personal love for Panna Cotta. Panna Cotta is a delicate, delicious dessert that impresses most and is supriselying easy and simple to whip up . I used it to form the filling of this sweet pie. Starting with fresh made sweet pastry that is  lined into a tin and than blind baked. Then I prepared the Panna Cotta mixture I do this with Cream and Milk at a 50/50 ratio with caster sugar for sweetness and the amount of  gelatin ,following the package direction. I will post a more step by step recipe for Panna Cotta in the next few weeks. 

The mixture is then poured into the pie base to top and make the Peach aspect , lightly stewed Peaches were put ontop the piece.  

Interesting dessert creation the peaches were well balanced agianst the creaming Panna Cotta.