GoNuts for Donuts.

My wife was recently pregnant and as anyone who has had a bun in the oven can attest to how,  life changing it is to have a newborn. Nothing will keep you busier. The newborn, not the pregnant wife...

This is the reason for my lack of posts, however I will work on posting more regularly. One thing about having a child, which has made me think a lot about is that when my son asks me what makes me happy, I feel like it would be sad for him to have to ask me this question, as I want him to know what I enjoy most because he should sees me actively doing it and making it a part of our lives. These thoughts will have me ponding for a while as to how, I can  make that happen it could be as simple as making sure he sees  the love I put into cooking meals for him when he gets to the stage of being able to eat or ,  maybe that I continue to think pipedreams of how to turn a passion into a job.

Deep and meaningful interlude aside , Todays post is about the stereotypical Police Officers snack the ever so amazing Donut. 

As while my Wife was doing a Super hero like job of growing our baby I felt relatively powerless in the process. However I did find one way in which I could contribute I could fulfil any cravings she had by creating what her heart desired she mentioned a number of times that she really wanted donuts I took up the challenge.

I knew I wanted to make a custard filled Donut. After researching donuts I found that there was abit more than  I thought to  a simple donut , I had to choose between two types of Batter, a cake or a yeast dough mix. The cake mix having the benefit of being relatively quick to create, however the great knowledgeable Google informed me that if you plan to fill your Donut. A yeast dough is the way to go as the donut will be lighter and puff up to giving you a little cave to fill with your cream. 

my research also lead me to know that a yeast dough was gonna be a long process with the dough taking 15mins in a mixer, followed by 6 hours resting, rolling and cutting into shape, followed by 2 hours resting, deep fring, coating in sugar, cool for about 45mins before pipping the cream. and thats just the dough. There was also the time to make and chill down the cream filling. But I had set myself the task. 

Its at this point I should note I don't have a cake mixer that the recipe advised to use. before beginning I didn't think to much of this , cause as those of you who for have been regular followers will know I enjoy the Zen like state achieved by mixing up a dough. Also I had recently made Brioche which also called for a mixer but was molded into shape by my bare hands. 

As I'll get to in a moment the Donuts were amazing, however I must say until I become the proud owner of a cake mixer there is little to no chance of me ever doing this recipe by hand again! While some elbow grease and hard work have always seem a slight increase in recipe time turn into a great end product. This dough almost reduced me to tears, my arm was cramping for a good 30mins of the hour plus it took to create the dough.  Below captures my nemesis that was the dough

You see the dough was too wet to pull out and go to work with my hands, so a wooden spoon that in hindsight must have been made from some type of Harry Porter magical wood for its ability not to break,was the only option. To further add  to my woe the dough was gluey and held the spoon with vice like crip. After I finally got the dough finished I was ready to have a lay down lucky for me the dough required a 6 hour rest cause I needed it . Dough was then rolled out and cut into circles ready for raise. 

Once the Dough was made the remainder of the donut process was pretty simple. However for the cream , I needed to make a Creme Patissiere also a first which was pretty nerve racking as a watching a my fair share of reality cooking shows I'd seen people scramble eggs a number of times and by the time I was up to this step I'd already invested around 8 hours into these donuts.  So the pressure was mounting but also the excitement I had rarely put so much time into a recipe and with still hours to go dreams of putting Dunken Donuts to shame were racing through my head. By a stroke of luck the Creme was a success and so good I could have drunk it like a thick vanilla smoothie, once cooled it was mixed with whipped cream which brought back nightmares of my hand mixed dough from the morning. 

Next job was to deep fry the donuts , once out of the oil toss in a Cinamon sugar that put together, leave to rest for 45mins before using a chop stick to poke a hole in the side and put my pipping bag in and fill with cream mixture. it should be noted that some didn't make it to the pipping processes by this time it was around 830-9pm at night the Donuts had taking the best part of a day to create and I had to try one straight no creme. They were amazing only to be surpassed 45mins later when I ate one with the Cream. 

I would recommend anyone with a cake mixer and a weekend give these a go they were mind blowing. Probably best to do when you have guest coming as a mixture makes quite alot, while we did our best some had to carry over to the next day and I take them to my work. they were still good the next day but fresh was best . 

the Finished Product below. 


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