Catering, putting Passion to the test.

Catering, putting Passion to the test.

Passion is something special. When someone is passionate it can lead them to accomplish amazing things. When cooking is your passion being able to allow  people to enjoy your food is something special.  If you've read a few posts you'll probably have caught on to the fact that spelling and grammar aren't my passion. Cooking is my passion. This is pretty handy seeing it's something you do daily and people who live with me or visit me, can enjoy the benefits . I sometimes dream of setting up a cafe or food truck to make my living. To get the chance to expose the world at large to ollycooking  would be amazing.  However, currently my food money comes from an office job. 

I was recently lucky enough to be given the opportunity to push myself and cater an event for a local school. I was in charge of  producing nibbles/finger food for between 60-100 people.  A challenge like this also gave me a chance to see what it would be like to actually live my dream where I had to plan, produce and execute for a large group of people. 

It was certainly a experience. One which I would definitely do again, encase anyone is wanting to book ollycooking ;). The process of coming up with a menu and trying to work out how to produce an item that could be produced on scale without losing taste, was invigorating. 

I had some grand plans such as making mini chicken croquettes fried just before sending out. However, knowing I was doing this mainly myself and a practice run pretty quickly removed this from the plan. Also as the venue didn't have a deep fryer and unknown pot size made this a potential derailleur. 

In the end I settled for the follow menu: 

  • Pulled Pork Quesadilla 
  • Chicken and leak Pies
  • Caramelized Onion tarts with Feta
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Brownie
  • Apple Crumble Tartlet

Making sure the night of the event didn't turn into a nightmare, required a lot of planning and preparation. The days leading up were filled with chopping, cutting, marinating, and filling Glad snap-lock bags with all many components of the finished products. 

On the night I got help from some of the girls from the school, my brother and a teacher aid. This was really helpful, because putting out such a large quantity of food would have been intense for my first time, catering an event. Because of all the planning, the night was mainly assembly and baking. Except the Quesadillas which were made to order and they were by all account the hit of the night. I will follow up with a full recipe for quesadillas soon. 

All and all the night was a real buzz. The joy of cooking for me doesn't just come from the process of cooking, it also comes from watching people enjoy my food. It is a real buzz and having an entire group of people tasting each item was a rush. I can't wait till I get the chance to have an opportunity like this again to share my food with everyone.