For the Mix

·      2 cups of long grain uncooked rice (aka Basmati)

·      ½ cups of Skinned Urad Dal (special lentils you’ll probably need go Indian supermarket)

·      1 Tablespoon of Fenugreek Seeds

·      1 pinch Salt


For the Cooking

·      Oil

·      Possibly rice flour see instructions



1.     Put All ingredients into a bowl and fill with water till all ingredients are covered and there is a little line of water, put plastic wrap over and leave overnight at room temp (not in the fridge)


2.     Take ingredients and blend, you’ll likely need to blend in batches and remember you need a powerful blender.


3.     Combine your batches into a bowl, probably the one from Step 1 cover in plastic wrap and leave overnight at room temp


4.     Heat flat pan, Crepe or Dosa pan if you have one. Add a little oil, add approximately a ladle of mix onto the pan using the back of the ladle to spread out mix. If large holes appear patch them, small holes or breaks in the mix will be fine and make for a crunch Dosa.


If your finding your mix isn’t spreading easily and feels overly grainy or sticking you may want to add a little rice flour and whisk it together, if it’s still to grainy you may need to blend it again.


5.     Optional put a small amount of oil on the edge of the Dosa, will give added crunch.


6.     When you can see air, bubbles coming through and the bottom is lifting off, flip the Dosa.


7.     When you remove from the pan you can roll into a tube makes it easy to keep separate when doing many, and stops them sweating.


8.     Serve with Chutneys, and pickles